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We are one of the largest airplane manufacturers.

Embraer is the fruit of perseverance and determination, and is the combination of the most advanced technologies and the diverse passions of its people. This is how we have developed, produced, and delivered more than eight thousand airplanes over our fifty years.

The dream has become reality: an Embraer aircraft takes to the skies every ten seconds, carrying in total around 145 million passengers per year.

We will continue looking to the future, seeking out new and seemingly insurmountable challenges, and tackling them. We will continue being a strong, courageous, and creative company that serves its clients. We will continue growing and, by necessity, continue dreaming.


Our people are what makes us fly

Our people are happy, competent, valued, fulfilled and committed to what they do. Their teamwork demonstrates integrity, coherence, respect and mutual trust.

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Embraer has benefits to help you succeed.

To view our entire benefits package click the button below. 

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